Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hot Industries

Ever heard of a surfer that happily made his/her home a town in Kansas?  I didn't think so.  At times, I feel like finding a job is like searching for waves in Topeka--completely frustrating and demoralizing.

Ultimately, we need to go where the jobs are! (Thank-you, Captain Obvious).  In a recent article put out by Kelly Services, a nationwide job-search firm, a list was created of the top industries to gain employment.

That article can be read here: Top 25 Fastest Growing Industries 2010-2011

You will notice, that at least three of these industries are related to the aging baby-boom generation.  Healthcare is so hot right, now.  So hot right now. (This comment reminds me of an absolutely ridiculous and totally unrelated movie clip):

Anyway, sorry for that pointless distraction.

Here is a list of major employers in St. Louis--notice how many are in healthcare!

Similar list for Kansas City.

Sometimes it is necessary to go where the jobs are--I'm still chasing waves in landlocked states!

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