Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attn: International Students

A good friend stopped by Business Career Services today and our conversation ventured into the progress of our respective job searches.  I know how difficult the process is for a citizen--I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for non-citizens.

None of this may be new to our international students.  But, I thought I would at least try to compile some good resources for those that might be feeling "stuck."

This link lists 30 reputable employers of International Students. I have no idea if any of these companies offers opportunities in the region, but most of you have already come half-way around the world....

Based upon my research most of the employment opportunities exist in the tech and finance sectors. So, it is no surprise that International Business Machines (IBM) has a site dedicated to attracting top international talent.  Go to that site here: IBM/Int'l

Check these links out!
--, This is basic but still worth a look.
--, From Indiana University

Want to share any other leads?  Please leave a comment or email me:

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