Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In the mid 1990's Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence, The Little Big Things) started to champion the idea that people should incorporate the business concept of branding into their own lives...Read here: The Brand Called You.

Some of you probably feel like I am beating-a-dead-horse (where on earth did that saying come from, anyway?), but while researching interesting companies in Kansas City, I came across this post found on the V3 Integrated Marketing website.

The concept of personal branding is quite simple. However, while walking around campus I am amazed at how many people don't seem to give a sh%$ about this doctrine.  Those of us in the B-school are bombarded with information that the rest of the world is "catching up." We are going to have a difficult time staying competitive in the age of globalization if we aren't clear on who we are and how we fit into the bigger picture. Deciphering your personal brand is a good way to figure this out.


What is your brand? Can you define it?  How do your future goals align with your brand?  Is your brand consistent?

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