Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome back!

I'm not sure if my readership knows that I teach spin classes in my spare time, but this morning was a quick reminder as to why I don't do well with time away from my 'routine.' It became all-too-clear that I ate and drank too much last week while away from school.  I think my body's response to my overindulgence was to revolt during spin class...

Dear Body,

Can we please be friends again?  I promise to treat you better from now on.




My brain, like the rest of my body is also revolting.  Getting back into the flow of school after a week off is miserable.  So, I thought I would create a list of the best things about being a graduate student as a way to kick myself back into gear.

1. Friends-- I imagine that many of you feel the same way I do.  It's good to be back and see all of you--only a couple more weeks and another semester will be in the books!
2. Stories-- It never fails.  Just when you think your Thanksgiving break was interesting, you hear about someone that spent a week in Costa Rica or some place exotic.  I've yet to hear a story like this, but I know it's coming!
3. Columbia, MO.  I like this town. It's quaint and never too stressed. And, while we were gone, Shakespeare's Pizza was voted the top collegiate dining establishment in the US by Good Morning America. Read the story here.
4. Football/Basketball--There are almost too many games to keep up with!  What is especially nice this year is that Mizzou is darn good in both sports. M...I...Z...!
5. Professors-- This may not apply to some of you, but my professors haven't overloaded the last two weeks of class with ridiculous assignments--Thank-you for showing mercy.  (I reserve the right to erase this statement, however...)
6.The Rec-- I love our fitness facility on campus. Sometimes I think I should try and find a job working in town just so I can train at the Rec Center.
7.  Graduation-- I won't be graduating until May, but watching my friends and colleagues get excited about finishing their degrees is motivating.  Congrats to all of you that are almost there!

Hang in there!  2 more weeks!

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