Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LinkedIn Brought to Life.

Come take part in a tremendous opportunity!

What:  Peer Networking!  For those of you that made it to the first portion of Don Asher's presentation he briefly conducted an exercise that helped students make immediate business connections in their field of interest.  Each of us has an extensive network of friends, business connections, etc. that can be helpful to our peers.  Come join the discussion to find out which of your fellow MBA students can help you out!

When: Monday, November 8. 5-6:30pm. Cornell 15.

Details: If you are thinking of coming to this just to get points, don't. This is a serious exercise.  Also, please come prepared to discuss your ideal Job Function and Industry.  

Dress: Casual, although sweatpants might be pushing it.

Other: This is supposed to be fun. The more we can engage in the exercise the more everyone will benefit.

See you there!

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