Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The $20 MBA.

This is the book that no MBA Director wants you to read:
I think it is a book every MBA student should read.  
Last night, on my way out of the grocery store, I ran into a fellow Crosby MBA student that mentioned an interest in reading about local entrepreneurs.  Currently, I am working on developing some material on the subject, but for now, this is the perfect book for anyone that is interested in developing their own business.

In fact, even if you have zero interest in launching your own venture, this book is worthwhile because it offers numerous tips on how to work more efficiently and free-up time to go pursue activities that matter most in your life.

Tim Ferriss is an expert in "lifestyle design."  To get a better understanding of what this actually is and how it can benefit you, a.) read his book, b.) read his blog or c.) read them both.

This post is a bit cryptic. I've written it this way intentionally.  

If you have read the book or have input related to Ferriss' advice, please post your thoughts!


  1. Those of you that find this type of stuff interesting, I highly recommend checking out the blog: "Zen Habits"

  2. Agreed Matt, this is a great book! Whether or not someone agrees with his philosophies, it is worth the read to stimulate thinking and open one's mind to possibilities that were not previously known. By the way Matt, have you looked into his new book?

  3. If you are referring to his fitness book, then yes, I have!