Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Buy The Wall Street Journal!

The title of this post does not suggest you should not read The Wall Street Journal.  I am simply suggesting you don't subscribe to it--DO NOT BUY IT!

Last year some of you might remember a nice Journal salesman 'pitch' the paper to all of us during a seminar event.  Then again, the 30 minutes he droned on for were uninspiring, mundane and probably not memorable.


He tried to sell us on the benefit to buying the newspaper--one benefit is the ability to be able to read all of the online content. If you visit you will notice that many of the articles are 'locked' and are for subscribers only.

There is a work-around to this problem.  Click on the article you wish to read and if the entire article does not appear, copy the headline and paste it into a google search.  Voila!  You will find a direct link containing the article, in its entirety!

So, don't buy the WSJ.  And don't say anything to the next WSJ salesman about this 'loophole.'


  1. If you do opt to buy the WSJ, opt for the online only version if you're planning to read a majority of the paper online or on your smartphone. I'm currently looking for new and unusual uses for newspaper. :)