Friday, October 15, 2010

Tree Huggers: Take a Look!

It's no secret that companies now focus significantly more attention on creating products that are environmentally friendly or provide services that consumers consider sustainable.  Whether you like it or not (are on the bandwagon or won't get near it), "Green" is the direction industry leaders are all headed.

Ultimately, this means there are "enviro jobs" galore.  In a quick Google search I looked for "green jobs," "green careers," and "careers in sustainability." I was bombarded by the number of websites that cater to the earth-friendly job seeker.

And, when I use the title, "Earth-friendly job-seeker", that doesn't mean you have to be a hippie, drive a Prius, compost dinner leftovers or consume products that are only 100% organic.   Please take a minute to research some of the jobs on these sites.  While the Crosby MBA doesn't actively promote "green jobs" that doesn't mean we (students) should not consider them![equal]=Job

Keep in mind, these are just a few!

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