Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not looking for traditional employment?

As I sit in the BCS office each day I see the excitement on the faces of undergrads immediately before they interview.  Actually, a few MBA students pass through here too--be sure to say "hello!"

When I graduated from the University of Washington I can remember getting excited about the possibility of interviewing and landing any job.  However, I've gotten older (done laughing at the old man joke yet?) and am getting more picky in my job selection process. I want to be a difference-maker, add value to an organization and find employment with a highly-ethical company.  My standards today, unlike a decade ago, are much, much higher.  Just working any old job doesn't sound very appealing.

But, what if nothing pans out for me (or you) in the traditional job arena?  Recently, I found a link to a BusinessWeek article that features numerous people that faced the same issue.  You can find the article here:

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