Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Jobs on CSO?

While I've watched the number of jobs posted on CSO (not sure what the acronym stands for) range from 65-95 this past week, I have heard quite a few grumblings among MBA students that none of the companies recruiting on campus interest them.

And, to top it all off, a lot of the jobs are also aimed at hiring undergrads...the horror, the horror.

No need to worry, though.  When you log into the database take the time to click on the 'Employer Directory' tab.  If you do not fill in any of the search fields, your search will yield ~740 listings!  Of course, some of the listings are obsolete, but at one point in time these companies had a connection with The University of Missouri.

We all know that job hunting can be fun but usually turns out to be a tedious endeavor.  Hopefully this tip will keep your spirits up!

If not, maybe this photo will put you in a good mood:

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