Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Need a Beer!

Surprise!  I like beer.  Hooray for Beer!  Alright, enough of that.

The beer industry is fascinating--cool logos, fun atmosphere and a social product. And, in true Missouri form (Home of Anheuser Busch, Boulevard, Schlafly, O'Fallon) I thought it would make sense to discuss the beer biz a little.

As an undergrad at The University of Washington (That's Seattle, not DC, not WashU) I was the beer writer for the University Daily newspaper.  Any interest in reading some old columns about NW microbrews?  Go here:

Otherwise, here is a link to an article about the largest craft brewers in the United States:

This would be a good place to start with a search on finding an "in" into the beer biz.  Also, listed below are some fun facts that I have learned about some of these companies over the years during my beer "research."
 --Harpoon:  Each year they throw a gigantic Oktoberfest party on the Boston Waterfront. It seems like half the city attends!
--Magic Hat: Has grown significantly in the last 5 years mostly due to its acquisition by North American Breweries.
--Deschutes:  Based in Bend, Oregon which is consistently ranked as one of the best towns to live in America.  The brewery is located on the Deschutes River which runs through downtown.
--Pyramid: Another NW product. It's brewery is located across the street from Safeco field in downtown Seattle.
--Spoetzl: Brewer of Shiner Bock, Lance Armstrong's favorite brew.
--New Belgium:  Promote a circus-like bicycle tour that visits multiple bike and beer friendly towns each summer.

Here are some of my personal favorite breweries:
--Bear Republic Brewing: Racer 5 might be the best IPA
--Ska Brewing: Located in Durango, CO--visit!
--Port Brewing: The ultimate SoCal surf brewery.
--Mammoth Brewing: Also home to Mammoth Mountain, a top-rated ski resort.
--Elysian Brewing: Located in the funky Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle
--Big Time Brewery: My personal Seattle favorite. They mix coffee grounds into their "Old Rip Stout."



  1. Deschuttes is pretty good. I've had a few of those lately. Racer 5 also has a good presence here in denver.

  2. I'm not surprised to hear Deschutes and Bear Republic are in Colorado. The west is definitely on it's "game" when it comes to beer.

  3. I had a Magic Hat #9 for the first time this summer in NYC and really enjoyed it! When visiting a new city I always pick a beer off the list that I have never heard of. That is great fun, until I forget the names of them all..............